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Pet Sematary (Paramount 1989)
Pharaoh's Curse (Bel-Air 1957)

Pharaoh’s Curse

Archaeology meets a strange sort of vampirism in Bel-Air’s jaunt into Egyptian mythology. Our profile of the studio takes a close look at this little bit of offbeat mummy movie magic.

Voodoo Island (Bel-Air 1957)

Voodoo Island

Boris Karloff faces off against man-eating plants and zombies in a rarely-seen 1957 thriller. Discover more about this little-known gem of a horror movie in our profile of Bel-Air Productions.

House of Dracula (Universal 1945)

Martha O’Driscoll

As nurse Miliza she nearly gave in to the forces of evil in 1945’s House of Dracula, but there was far more to Martha O’Driscoll’s life than a smattering of horror movies.

Bride of the Monster (Banner 1955)

Bride of the Monster

Ed Wood is back, and so is Bela Lugosi and a dodgy octopus from the deepest vestiges of the props department. What could possibly go wrong?