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Halloween (Compass 1978)
London After Midnight (MGM 1927)

Tod Browning

His often shocking work has played a crucial role in horror movie culture, so it’s only fair that we understand more about the man himself and his turbulent life.

Frankenstein Lives Again by Donald F Glut

The New Adventures of Frankenstein

Donald F Glut’s novels continued the Frankenstein story in style – we celebrate these monster kid favourites.

The Unholy Three (MGM 1930)

Harry Earles

You’ll know him from Freaks, The Wizard of Oz and both versions of The Unholy Three – Harry Earles may have been a diminutive star but he left a big impression.

Mother Riley Meets the Vampire (Renown 1952)

Mother Riley Meets the Vampire

Arthur Lucan, Bela Lugosi and Dora Bryan with a giant robot, an old dark house and a wacky car chase – what could possibly go wrong?