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The Curse of the Werewolf (Hammer 1961)
King Kong (RKO 1933)

Fay Wray

As hapless Ann Darrow she stole our hearts, but our biography shows that the life of this Hollywood icon was spent doing far more than screaming at giant apes.

Dr Renault's Secret (20th Century Fox 1942)

Dr Renault’s Secret

Ape horror gets a heart-rending twist in this underrated thriller with sparkling central performances from character stars J Carroll Naish and George Zucco.

Karl Freund

Karl Freund

We owe this talented moviemaker an enormous debt of gratitude – on the big and small screens alike, he brought about real and lasting change.

The Fly (20th Century Fox 1958)

The Fly

Al Edison mutates, Patricia Owens panics and Vincent Price does everything he does best in this beloved 1958 body horror classic.