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House of Dracula (Universal 1945)
Dark Eyes of London (Argyle 1939)

Dark Eyes of London

Bela Lugosi stars in this atmospheric 1939 chiller that will keep you riveted, from its ghastly opening to the thrilling final frame.
Them! (Warner Brothers 1954)


There’s something terrible out in the desert, in Warner Brothers’ action-packed big bug epic. Here's the sugar - one lump or two?
The Ghoul (Gaumont British 1933)

The Ghoul

This 1933 shocker is packed with sharp scripting and some great performances from Boris Karloff, Ernest Thesiger and Cedric Hardwicke.
House of Frankenstein (Universal 1944)

Peter Coe

Popular and friendly, the nice guy of Hollywood horror showed an unexpected wild side when paired with his good friend Lon Chaney Jr…